Asociación Civil para la Gestión del Agua en Cuencas, AGUA-C

AGUA-C is a national civil society institution with a track record related to the management of water and natural resources. Formed in 2007, it implements its actions in alliances with regional and municipal governments, public programs and projects, universities, international cooperation and grassroots social organizations. WATER-C understands that what is managed are the interventions that humans make in watersheds and with water. Therefore, the focus is to boost capacity development and institutional strengthening for social water management. In this direction, 8 National Courses of Social Management of Water and Environment in Cuencas have been carried out; 2 International Courses and more than 30 regional courses from all over Peru. The thematic areas that AGUA-C develops are: Training of facilitators in Social Management of Water and the Environment in Basins; Sustainable Territorial and Local Planning and Development; Conflict management

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